Get Involved

Annual enrollment begins February 3rd 2018. Each plot is 4×16 and allows you access
to all shared tools in the shed, soil, and all garden events. Upon registration you will
receive a garden packet which you can download, and is full of information created by
your garden officers and the local Extension Office, who brings their master gardeners
to the garden often to help coach our new gardeners. You must use organic gardening practices, keep your plot well maintained (free of disease and weeds to the best of your ability) participate in our garden workdays and attend meetings whenever possible. We have a lot of fun at the garden and we want to see you there often, and that is where you will learn the most. We are about building community and that means participation in events and helping with the maintenance of the garden beyond just your plot.

When you have decided you want a plot, email us at to get set up. We will respond to you within 24

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