Garden Calendar
Every second Saturday of each month we meet at the garden at 8 am (June through
September) and 9 am (October through May) for one hour of garden projects followed
by a one hour guest speaker or workshop. These are open to the community unless
otherwise noted. They are free but donations are always accepted. You can bring a
food or beverage, plants or seeds to share.

Sat March 10 9 am
Master Gardener Rudy White from the Seminole County Extension Office will be
returning to the garden to share his wisdom and practical tips and tricks to starting your
spring garden and how to manage it using effective prevention tips and the right
products to support the health of your soil and plants.

Sat April 14th 9 am
Gardener and herbalist Jana Haussman will be conducting a workshop about harvesting
herbs and crafting healing remedies from them. She will be using organic herbs from
our Healing Garden bed of herbs.

Sat May 12th 9 am
Bee educator Jason Deeringer of BeeSerious Inc. is returning to the garden to teach,
inspire, and literally show you how all you want to know about bee keeping. This was a
big hit last year and created quite a buzz, so don’t miss it. Check him out at

Sat June 9th 8 am
June 18 to 24 is national pollinator week, and so we are bringing you two avid raisers of
Monarch butterflies and caterpillars in multiple stages to the garden. Gardeners Sheila
and Alisa will explain how to raise them yourself as well as why pollinators are so
important. Kids love this!

Sat July 14th 8 am

Master Gardener Carlton Bennett will be back to share everything you want to know
about worm farming, vermicomposting systems, worm tea (No we will not be taste
testing) and why our plants can’t get enough of this rather funky stuff. He is a wealth of
knowledge about many other topics as well, as he has been in the gardening world for
many years, so bring your questions.

Sat Aug 11th 8 am TBA

Sat Sept 8th 8 amTBA

Sat Oct 13th 9 am TBA

Sat Nov 10th 9 am TBA

Sat Dec 8th 9 am TBA